Web Scraping
service for marketing
and e-commerce

Single and recurring scraping of any websites


Product Information Data

Scraping product prices & information from web shops

Real estate data

Collection of real estate databases from open sources

News and Articles Data

Scraping news articles and other data from websites.

How Do We Work

  • Contact us via FB messenger, Whatsapp,
    email or fill in the contact form

  • Our experts will evaluate the task, contact
    you, approve the task, price, and terms.

  • Easy payments (credit and debit
    cards, paypal, IBAN)

  • Data sample, coordination and approval

  • Delivery of the final file, once
    or by a specified schedule

  • Revision, if needed

Quick to deliver

Data can be ready the next day

Up to 1 million positions

at a time with no additional

Any convenient formats


Data processing

formatting, transformation, comparison, etc.


One-time scraping


One source site

Up to 1 million records


Delivery time - 1 working day

Weekly scraping


One source site

Up to 1 million records


Minimum order - 3 weeks

* when ordering for more than 3 weeks - no setup fee.

Monthly scraping


One source site

Up to 1 million records


Minimum order - 3 months

*when ordering for more than 3 months - no setup fee.


We collect all the available data from source sites (visible on the site, or in the code). If receiving the data requires logging in, with the exception of special cases, and in cases where the server sets limits, we can perform such scraping.
Yes, scraping from public sources is absolutely legal if we do not violate the source’s functionality, do not collect information, access to which is limited, and do not violate copyright. Before we begin scraping, we evaluate such nuances. If it is impossible to perform the scraping, we will inform you and offer other options.
All the data that we collect is 100% consistent with the data from the source server. We double check its integrity and completeness. If an error is found, we will redo the work or offer you a refund.
You are free to choose the delivery method, that is convenient for you, and our experts will provide you with several options, for example: delivery by email, in chats, FTP upload, SFTP, AWS S3, Google Cloud storage, Dropbox and Google Drive. Formats for delivery can be CSV, JSON, JSONLines or XML

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